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     1.Traditional fluorocarbon boards
    Inorganic composite boards front with multi-channel fluorocarbon coating system, show fluorocarbon unique color, gloss and texture, the back and edges using efficient waterproofing seal coating. Ensure good decorative front plate is smooth, the overall oerformance and good stability.
    Application: As the most common varieties of decorative panels inorganic, JieYang inorganic decorative panels suitable for almost all interior areas, including schools, hospitals, government agencies, enterprises, institutions, office buildings, underground tunnels, hotels shopping malls, museums, libraries, etc. all types of buildings within the walls of the decoration.

    2. Printing boards
    Using unique technology perfectly simulate all kinds of pictures, landscapes and other decorative effect, gives bright, comfortable feeling. Then the outer surface layer of protection performance fluorocation conduct, is a personalized full of decorative plates.
    Application: Special and simple decorative style atmosphere make printing boards for govement agencies, museums, galleries need solemn steady decorative style is especially suitable for public engineering. For the pursuit of individual schools, enterprises and insitutions, particulaly the mall area hotel decoration brings a unique taste.

    3. Bionic boards
    High hardness, high abrasion resistance, fire-resistant UV resin as a decorative layer, so that the whole plate with a variety of individually decorated, stable and excellent performance.
    Application: Special personalized decorative texture boards to require special decorative effect of public interior customers new options, which go beyond the strength of the fire board, superior abrasion resistance and hardness, not only canbe used in walls, or you can even directly as ground decoration materials.

    4. Coloful boards
    Inorganic board adopted five special process all kinds of imitation granite spray paint decorative effect, with the effect of a high-end simulation of granite, the atmosphere, the grade of the interior and products.

    Application: Interior and exterior, granite effect.


    5.  Self-cleaning antibacterial boards
    Self-cleaning anti-becterial plate is a special function product, the use of a special coating nano-antibacterial factor and efficient long-term antifugal combination of factors, the inorganic substrate surface antimicrobial treatment to keep long-term strerilization effect plate.
    Application: Design for professional field hosipital clean rooms, operating rooms, laboratories and other antibactenal GMP workshop design, but also for large-scale use in public places.

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