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    Wuxi Jieyang Energy Saving Technology Co.,Ltd. is specialized in polyurethane insulation board, graphite modified polystyrene board integrated insulation and decotative plates, external shading roller shutters and other green energy-saving building products development, production, sale, installation integration High-tech enterprises. With several sets of European automated continuous production line for enery-saving product development and industrialization. Technical cooperation with Mit, Continued to provide customers with quality products, while continuing to improve service management system, to create a passion for honest and capable professional services team. Enterprise passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, product testing authority is governed by the relevant national certification.

    Enterprise spirit of "scientific and technological innovation, people-oriented, business integrity, the pursuit of excellence" business strategy, wishes to adopt high-quality products and good service for China and the world contribute to the development of green energy-efficient buildings, and to become a global leader in green energy-saving building.

    • Insulation Materials Division
      Manager Gu
      External shading roller shutters Division
      Manager Gu
      Garage Door Division
      Manager Wu
      Foreign Trade Division
      Manager Zhang

    WUXI JIEYANG ENERGY SAVING TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. Roller shutters, External shading roller shutters 2014-2015 All Rights Reserved
    Tel: 0510-88601888 Address: No.58, chuangye Road, Donggang Town, Xishan District, Wuxi, China